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A tie handcrafted from Como silk is the perfect addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. With varieties including patterned silk neckties, silk knit ties, or grenadine ties, they are sure to fit every taste.

Handmade Italian silk

Our patterned silk ties are handmade in the Como region of Italy. They are three-fold and self-tipped, with a variety of vivid patterns and colors. Elevate your style today with our high quality made in Italy luxury silk ties. One way to assure our quality is through the “Cry of the Silk” test. Just hold one of our silk neck ties up to your ear and rub it. The noise you will hear is a reminder that our Italian silk ties are made with the utmost care and quality.

Knitted ties

Stand out from the rest with our silk backed knitted ties. These come in a variety of vibrant colors and include both v-tip and square tip options. Add unique details to your look by trying out our variety of knit stitches.

Grenadine ties

Transform your style with our silk gauze grenadine ties. The five-fold tie is unlined, making it lightweight and sophisticated. This fabric is rare and also known as the classic James Bond tie. Want to know more? Click here to read more about all of the ways you can style your unique grenadine tie!

How to tie your tie

There are many interesting ways to tie your high end tie, perfect for all occasions. Use the Four in Hand knot for casual settings, or use the Full Windsor for a more sophisticated look. Want to know more about the different ways to tie your luxury tie? Read our blog here to know which tie knot you should wear for each occasion!