The Primitivo Collection is inspired by the deeply colored and powerful tasting red wine. The wine is made from grapes that are found in Southern Italy, particularly in the beautiful region of Puglia.

Primitivo History

Primitivo is one of the leading red grapes in Italy, starting all the way back in the 18th century. It is so popular due to its naturally sweet flavoring, its strength in alcohol, and a certain bitterness.

Five Different Aromas

The 5 main aromas of this wine are plum, cocoa beans, moss, blueberry, and licorice. Having this in mind we designed the Primitivo pattern, and afterwards painted our pocket squares in the different shades which represent all of the different flavors that are tasted in the wine. Each product design recalls the characteristic bouquet that you taste when you drink this wine.

Luxury pocket squares

Crafted with unsurpassable silk from the Como region in Italy, our Barolo Collection pocket squares are built for lasting luxury. From the small detail of the hand-rolled edges to the brilliant colors displayed on the silk, our pocket squares are a quality addition to your wardrobe.

How to fold it

Our lavish pocket squares come to you in a luxury hand-made blue box which includes a leaflet with drawings showing six alternative methods to how to fold and wear it.