Recioto is a wine of which you have almost certainly already heard and read. It is one of the best wines produced in Italy and this Collection is inspired by this famous wine. It is also called "Recioto della Valpolicella" because its grapes are grown in Valpolicella area located in the Veneto region. Recioto is a sweet red DOCG wine produced only from local vines such as Corvina and often shares the same grapes that are used for the production of Amarone

Recioto Name History

The name Recioto comes from the Veneto dialect. The Corvina bunches have the particularity of having two lateral wings, which are cut to concentrate even more sugars, fragrances and flavors in the bunches. To identify these peculiar bunches, the Venetians say “recia” , ear.

Recioto Aromas

Recioto has six accentuated aromas that make it a fruity taste profile: Eucalyptus, Tobacco, Prune, Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry. With these very distinct hints in mind, we designed a pattern and a color palette that reflect these pronounced fragrances.

Luxury pocket squares

Crafted with unsurpassable silk from the Como region in Italy, our Barolo Collection pocket squares are built for lasting luxury. From the small detail of the hand-rolled edges to the brilliant colors displayed on the silk, our pocket squares are a quality addition to your wardrobe.

How to fold it

Our lavish pocket squares come to you in a luxury hand-made blue box which includes a leaflet with drawings showing six alternative methods to how to fold and wear it.