Do you want to be unique in the office? Once you have taken care of your basic outfit, you can start working with accessories to make it original: what about putting on a pocket square, a tie or a silk mask? When it comes to taking out your business clothing, our Como silk accessories are the most original and professional, so take a look at our office products.

Get Essential Business Accessories

The right distinguishing touch can help you express your professionalism and face busy days or high-pressure situations. Wearing the High-quality Sera Fine Silk accessories shows that you are looking for a different vision and a business confidence. You are at right place!

Business Pocket Squares

A Serà Fine Silk pocket square adds a great touch of pattern and colour, creating a unique office style. Our pocket squares are inspired by Italian charm, check out our Italian Flower collection or our Barolo Wine collection. Our silk handkerchief come to you in a luxury hand-made blue box which includes a leaflet with drawings showing six alternative methods to how to fold and wear it.

Office Ties

A tie elegantly handcrafted from fine Como silk will make a refined statement at your next big meeting. Wearing your best suits with our ties is the perfect combination to convey more of your unique personality. Serà Fine Silk allows you to have a lot of freedom in choosing patterns and colors. Browse through our full collection of ties to see the assortment we offer.

How to match accessories

Details matter: to give a great impression, every element should be well considered. It could be difficult to match all your accessories, but it is not a problem if you take a look on our official Instagram page where you can find lots of inspiration.