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Soave Collection is inspired by one of the most famous and widespread white wines in Italy and abroad.

This wine conquers an exquisite bouquet, balance of taste, golden color and unique aroma. The translation of the name "soave" is gentle, sweet and pleasant. The fragrance is delicate and has a fruity-floral flavor of white flowers. The taste is fresh, harmonious, with a strong precipitation of almonds.

The 5 main aromas of this wine are acacia, almond, lemon, elder and grapefruit. Having this in mind we designed the Soave pattern. And afterwards painted our pocket squares in the different shades which represent the mix of flavors and colors. Each product design recalls the characteristic bouquet that you taste when you drink this wine.

The Soave pocket squares are handcrafted in the Como region from high quality Italian silk and they feature the hand-rolled edges lending a three-dimensional appearance.

 We believe in the small details, and we try to provide you the best product and experience. That’s why you can not really tell which is the front and which is the back side. Our lavish pocket squares come to you in a luxury hand-made blue box which includes a precious leaflet with drawings showing six alternative methods how to fold it.

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