This collection describes four different essential aspects of modern love through the iconic illustrations by The Fuffologist. Available in black and white shades with touches of red. They describe the sensuality of a modern love story, a completely unconventional and out of the box one. Four messages with a touch of irony that bring a fully Italian heritage with them, kept in an elegant blue box with their embossed golden logo.

I’m way too busy for relationships

Who of us never felt “too busy for relationships”, especially in your hectic days? you just want to stay in peace and enjoy the little daily joys without any pressure. Holidays? Let’s go to the beach and have fun with friends!

When flirting turns into feelings

“When flirting turns into feelings” resume the Modern Love collection: Love according to Serà Fine Silk. When Flirtation is something fun and entertaining and you just want to feel admired and appreciated. But you are suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of magic and you can’t explain it.

She's poison but tasty

Lips, magical instruments that can poison you or turn an impulsive gesture such as a kiss into feelings, are at the centre of the limited-edition The Fuffologist X Serà Fine Silk. Of course we all know some kisses can be deadly – or poisoned, even- but of course love is like this and yet we cannot live without it…

Love her like you are losing her

For those who have met the right person and want to show their true affection through beautiful presents. So once again we are desperately looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift. Serà Fine Silk pocket squares are the perfect choice: 100% silk, made in Italy for you (with love).