Imagine strolling down an Italian cobblestone road and the summer air becomes filled with the most fragrant flowers in the world. Serà Fine Silk’s Flowers Collection is inspired by the feelings that native Italian flowers bring. These silk pocket squares ensure that a little piece of Italy will always be near your heart.

Italian native flowers inspiration

The intense violet of “Bouganville” (Bougainvillea), bright aroma of “Fiore di Limone” (Lemon Flower), gentle lilacs of “Ortensia” (Hydrangea), sweet bouquets of “Fiore d'arancio” (Orange Flower), and enchanting movement of “Glicine” (Wisteria) evoke nostalgic Summer memories.

The most famous Sicily Flower

You can find “Bouganville” (Bougainvillea) cascading in luscious sheets over walls all around Italy but are especially iconic in Sicily. These abundant fuchsia bougainvillea colors evoke the romance of Italy, their abundant vibrance create feelings of intense happiness. Our silk pocket square was inspired by this endless purple sea and green vines.

When lemon trees bloom

Early spring is the Lemon flower season. Sun-drenched days and even brighter fruits come to mind with the “Fiore di Limone”. In Summer only the coldest lemon gelato or glass of Limoncello will do. Wear our silk pocket square and feel refreshed by its lively pattern and shimmering green colors.

What do orange blossoms symbolize

Orange Flower symbolizes sweet flavors and an endless summer. Walking by a Fiore d'Arancio, the floral and sweet surround you. The juices of the orange flowers run down and energize people to explore Italian narrow streets. our silk pocket square lets you feel the energy the Fiore d'Arancio brings you.

Hydrangeas turn blue

Each flower bundle on the “Ortensia” plant looks like a Hydrangea bouquet from the sweetest fairy-tale love. Each bouquet contains a different meaning, depending on the color of its flowers. Blue means gratitude and understanding for someone else. Our silk pocket square represents this Luxurious Bouquets of Pastel, let the blue hues of “Ortensia” bring gratitude into your life.

Wisteria flower essence

It is a warm summer night, the stars shine above while people walk under cascades of swaying purple flowers. In the moonlight, the purple hues of “Glicine” (Wisteria flower) take on even gentler tones and evoke romantic Italian nights. Our silk pocket square was inspired by the mesmerizing feelings of wisteria on a summer evening.