Our high end swimwear is the ultimate attire for all summer destinations. Inspired by beautiful Italian islands Procida and Ischia, these luxury bathing suits have vibrant colors and patterns to help you stand out. These swimming trunks are perfect to pack along with you for your holiday, they even come in their own travel-sized dust bag made of the same material!


Our swimming suits are lightweight and dry-fit, made of 100% polyester. They also include an internal drawstring to allow for comfort and fit. Each pair comes with a dust bag made of the same material, allowing you to have a dry place for your wet suit when you’re done wearing.


Procida is an island known for its colorful houses and beautiful waters, making it the perfect inspiration for our bathing suits. The vibrant colors can be seen in the colors of our suits, including blue, green, burgundy, and orange. Take a dip into this notorious Italian island with our Procida bathing costumes.


Ischia is one of the most picturesque islands in Italy, known for its rich, exotic scenery. Our bathing suits, like Ischia, are striking, vibrant, and beautiful. With colors including blue and orange, blue and red, emerald green, and light blue and yellow, the bathing costumes will immediately transport you to the elegant island.

Wear anywhere

With unique patterns and colors, our bathing suits are well suited for all destinations. Match the beautiful waters by wearing them to the beach, or stand out from the rest by wearing them to the pool. They even make great festival attire!