Aren’t you afraid of being crazy in love and feeling like on rollercoasters? This pocket square capsule collection is born from the collaboration with the illustrator The Fuffologist who mixed these drawings with the Serà fine silk patterns to tell an unconventional love story.

Take your Broken Heart into Art

You know that nothing breaks like a heart, but you also know that there’s nothing as sexy, inspiring and unexpected on this earth as love. So take your paintbrush and enjoy the ride, because if it’s not love, it will turn into something incredibly beautiful anyways.

It’s a Beautiful day to Leave Me Alone

Don’t DM me please, because the sun’s shining, and I’m available only for the lido. For those who have always been too cool for school, curiouser and travel-oriented, have a big heart for their friends and gang, but sometimes forget what real love is… Sorry, what did you say?

Just Us Nothing Else

Hold me like there’s no tomorrow, eat me like a juicy slice of watermelon and run away with me. For those who are looking for a partner in crime, who are restlessly living the dream, who are the Bonnie for their Clyde and vice versa, and that would never escape from love.

Romantic Revolution

A Revolution? Find the courage to climb walls and to go through the fire… Is this stuff for magicians? Sure it is, since love is pure magic! For those who are love explorers, romantic poets and everyday dreamers. One is such a boring number, so why not cruise together?

Eclectic Spring in Portofino

A postcard from Italy, filled with mellow sunrays, the sweet sound of the sea, a coffee and a croissant in the piazzetta and your hand in mine: are we gonna last together?For those who are hedonists at heart and love nature, those weekends you can’t help but wake up late for breakfast listening to the lapping of the waves.