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The real gentleman never forgets to match his suspenders of the suit to the rest of an outfit. Suspenders are also known as suit braces and can be worn on many occasions. Not only are suspenders functional, but they can bring out the tones of your suit.

Give Your Belts a Break

Also, suspenders are a more comfortable and classy alternative to suffocating your hips with a tight belt. Suspenders allow you to go through the day with ease without having to keep adjusting your trousers. Our collection features different colors and patterns. to lend a distinctive style to the person who wears it.

So Many Styles

What if my trousers do not have a button? Most of our suspenders are double use, which means that you can either use them if you have buttons or you can clip them onto your trousers. Whatever you choose will look exceptional, so it all depends on your personal taste

100% Como silk Braces

Serà Fine Silk artisans handcrafted each suspender with love and care. All their suspenders are unique: designed and packaged in Como, Italy, ensuring only the highest quality. We strive to have the utmost attention for detail so all suspenders are made entirely of silk, including the elastic backing for the best comfort.

When to wear Suspenders

Serà Fine Silk suspenders are a unique accessory: they are perfect for special occasions like weddings, official ceremonies, evenings and formal events in which it is required to wear your best outfits. Looking for the best groom or best man look? Check out our WEDDING COLLECTION