Black Moire - Button Only - Silk Suspenders


Drape yourself in the allure of our Black Moire Silk Suspenders, where the richness of moire fabric meets timeless sophistication.

Crafted to perfection, these suspenders showcase a distinctive moire pattern, a result of meticulously ribbed silk creating a subtle, mesmerizing shimmer as it catches the light. The interplay of light and shadow on the moire texture adds depth, transforming these suspenders into a statement of refined elegance.

The button-only trims accentuate the vintage charm, enhancing the classic appeal of the moire silk.

Paired with our matching bow tie, this ensemble embodies an understated luxury, perfect for formal occasions, weddings, or galas. 

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  • Black Leather trim;
  • 100% Silk fabric;
  • Leather Ends supplied;
  • Chrome Effect Fittings
  • Width 3,5cm
  • Made in Italy

 From Evening Collection