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How to Know Which Tie Knot to Wear for Which Occasion

How to Know Which Tie Knot to Wear for Which Occasion
Most gentlemen wake up every morning, put on their shirt and tie their necktie. You tie the same knot every single day. It’s part of your routine. But how much thought have you actually put into that tie knot? We are here to provide you with a handy guide to help you wear the most appropriate knot for each occasion.
For Casual Settings
The Four in Hand
The easiest tie knot to do, the four in hand is perfect for casual settings. It is a rather small knot that looks good with thin lapelled jackets and pointed or button collar dress shirts. The knot itself also requires much less of the tie than some other knots, and so this is a good option for taller gentlemen who need to make sure their tie is long enough. This tie is a good option for slimmer ties but can also work with regular width silk printed or knitted ties.
For Every Setting
The Half Windsor
The half Windsor is the full Windsor’s baby brother, but still has a similar shape, just with a smaller size. The Half Windsor is a versatile knot that can be worn in almost any setting. It can be worn with any size collar from a pointed to a spread collar shirt and can look great with both slim and regular sized lapels. This tie knot is great for the office but also the cocktail party afterwards. It looks great with regular width wool and silk ties.
For the Boardroom
The Full Windsor
The tie knot favorite by executives everywhere, the full Windsor is the most professional tie knot available. It is a large, thick knot that represents power and command. It looks best with spread collar shirts and regular width wool and silk ties. It is best for more simply patterned ties such as stripes because of the size of the knot. The full Windsor should also be the knot of choice at any formal gathering where a bow tie is not worn.
Now that you have a good idea of which knot to use, grab a tie from Sera Fine Silk and go show off your new knowledge!