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Grenadine Silk Tie: The Best Tie to Wear with Everything

Grenadine Silk Tie: The Best Tie to Wear with Everything

One day someone said: 'If you must have only two different suits, they could be Dark navy and Charcoal.'

This is totally right but nowadays, many people don't just follow the rule!

Dapper guys always take too much time to find something that perfectly fit on them. For this guys “Simple but special”, or “Eye – catching but formal” are the keys to dress well and feel satisfied! 

No suit is complete without a great tie! This is the reason why we are going to introduce the Grenadine Silk Tie


Where is Grenadine from?

Originally produced in Italy an worn as a black silk lace in France during the eighteenth century, grenadine is a weave characterised by its light, open, gauze – like feel and it’s produced on jacquard looms. 

"For lapel, I wanna peaked one and side bent & double-breasted could be better."

The place that produces an exclusive grenadine is Como, Italy.

Quality and refinement are the hallmarks of grenadine, particularly appreciated from every estimators.


Soft and elegant, our grenadine silk ties are unlinen, hand rolled edges and 100% silk Made in Como. 

The most versatile tie

Usually, ties made from grenadine silk are solid in colors that make them versatile.

Grenadine ties are absolutely the most versatile!

It’s a perfect choice, you can wear them with other patterns and colors, with both formal and casual jackets, from a navy, charcoal, or chalk stripe suit to a casual combo like jeans paired with an odd jacket. With everything!

A good option for Dapper guys who like playing with their outfits and with this exclusive tie.

Grenadine ties are in fact loved by many gents. 


               James Bond, 007

First wore in 1962’s by Sean Connery in his role as 007, also in Dr.No and From Russia With Love he used the grenadine tie as a accessory in almost Bond movies.



James Bond, 007


Have you ever heard the phrase: 'The better you dress, the worse you can behave'?

It's a famous quote by Harvey Spector in Suits (Famous American series). 

He is a lawyer with a very capable and witty character. He always wears a suit matched with a grenadine tie. 


Harvey Spector, Suits


You can never go wrong with a grenadine tie, it makes your look very elegant, classy and appealing! 

Stay tuned and don’t miss new granadine ties colors!