Timeless Accessories for a Timeless Commitment

Wedding season: a time to gather with friends and family, celebrate a lifelong commitment of love and proudly wear your finest attire. Whether you’re a groom, a guest, or the best man, everyone loves the endearment and joy a wedding brings. Such an enduring commitment requires enduring style and Serà Fine Silk is the perfect place to find groom accessories for your wedding look.
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Luxury Groomswear

While no doubt the bride will capture everyone’s attention, it’s your big day too!  Make sure you look just as amazing on this special day with the right groom suit accessories.

Tie the Knot... with Silk Bow Ties! 

Our Italian silk bow ties are the perfect addition to your wedding look! For a more classic option, our black silk bow ties are perfect. For an extra touch of uniqueness, try our velvet bow ties and satin products instead! 
Still haven’t mastered the art of tying a bow tie? We offer pre-tied bow ties as well! Explore our variety of styles and colors online — we are sure to have the right one for your outfit.
    Black Grosgrain Pre-Tied Silk Butterfly Bow Tie | Serà Fine Silk            

And don't forget your cummerbund! 

Whether you choose silk or velvet ones, you should consider wearing a cummerbund for formal occasions. Traditionally, every element of a tuxedo should be covered or lined. It is therefore important to also cover the belt with a cummerbund, which will also serve to hide any creases in the shirt at the waist where it meets the pants. It serves to keep the shirt smooth in an area that sometimes looks a little odd when the shirt wrinkles or bulges slightly. By wearing a cummerbund, you will not have to continually tuck your shirt in every time you stand up or sit down. Last but not least, it helps you look slimmer and sleeker.

The correct way to wear the cummerbund is with the traditional folds facing upward, for an alternative and fun use: picking up crumbs. Also, half of the cummerbund should cover the shirt and the other half the pants, which calls for a high-waisted model that reaches the navel.



Suspenders with Style

Taking off your suit jacket so you can hit the dance floor? Don’t fret about your style, it will stay intact with our sleek silk suspendersWith removable leather ends and clips on each pair, our men’s suit suspenders work with all trouser types. Browse through our full collection of stylish suspenders to see just the assortment of colors and patterns we offer. We are certain we have a superb pair of suspenders for you!
Want to be an expert on suspender style? Check out our article on our most asked suspenders questions and suggestions for wedding day suspender styles!
Burgundy Moire Silk Suspenders - Button Only | Serà Fine SilkLight Blue Shantung Silk Suspenders | Serà Fine SilkGreen Moire Silk Suspenders - Button Only | Serà Fine Silk

Groomsmen Accessories

Our silk tie collection is the go-to spot to find ties for your groomsmen—or for yourself!
Try a solid colored grenadine tie for a simple look or wear a patterned silk tie to add dynamic to your wedding suit! We recommend matching the groomsmen’s accessories to the bridesmaids for a coordinating look. Can’t find the right color? No problem that our Bespoke service can’t fix. Made in Italy with only the finest Italian silk, our handmade ties are perfect for your big day. 
Dust Blue and Grey Patterned Silk Tie | Serà Fine Silk

All in the Details

Our luxury silk accessories are not just for wearing! Add elegance to your wedding table with our patterned pocket squares. With our wide collection of coloured pocket squares, you are definitely going to find the right one to match the colour palette of your wedding. Bonus: an Italian silk pocket square for each table is a special favour that guests will keep forever.

Serà Fine Silk Bespoke

Can’t find what you are looking for or want a more personalized experience?
Try our Bespoke service!
Need a perfect color match to your suit? Want to choose just the right pattern for your groomsmen’s ties? Looking to add your initials to your tuxedo suspenders or want a custom silk pocket square?
bespoke service - sera fine silk   bespoke service - sera fine silk
Our bespoke service offers you the opportunity to customize your silk accessories with the help of our qualified team. We offer an abundance of colors, patterns, and fabrics that can certainly be combined to create just what you dream of.
We offer many different ways to customize our products for him and for her: custom illustrations or designs, monograms and embroidery, color customization and much more. Whatever your idea is, we will do our best to make it a reality!
Contact us at info@serafinesilk.com to get started on making your elegant dream come true!   

Want more inspiration? Check out our wedding Instagram and Pinterest board
April 07, 2023 — Emily Kistner

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