The original company logo takes inspiration from a golden frame of an antique mirror, which was later refurbished to become the first exhibitor at the launching event of Serà Fine Silk.
The mirror was removed from the frame and Francesca’s mother sewed a piece of shirt cloth inside it. With three pockets, the frame held pocket squares, our first creation. 
This launch idea was so symbolic that later became the official logo. The colours come from the gold of the frame and the blue of the boxes used for our products. Even in our temporary shop, we decided to decorate the interiors following the same idea, with golden décor and blue velvet curtains and blue silk walls. These two colours represent our brand identity, which communicates timeless elegance
At the end of last year, we felt the need to evolve and change the logo accordingly in order to make it look simpler and more refined.


During the whole creative process we collaborated with Matteo Morelli, a communication and graphic designer and an esteemed collector of ancient volumes. 
As if the logo were an architectural decor, he and Francesca studied and searched into the ancient books of Matteo’s collection to find inspiration and preserve the idea of antique, unique, and refined.
serafinesilk logo storySerà Fine Silk Logo Evolution
You may have noticed that the letters of the brand name do not come from a standard font. In fact, they look irregular because they were taken from the volumes consulted, where hand engravings were a very important reference.  
A part of the original logo was preserved and included in the new one, while still using the same gold decorative elements in a vintage style. These elements combine to make it look like a capital of a marble column, within an engraving made of decorative friezes. 
The colours – gold on blue – remain unaltered, in order to evolve without losing our true nature and brand identity of stylized classic.
Enjoy more on the creative process with our INSTAGRAM REEL:
March 27, 2023 — Elisa Marazzi

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