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Everything you always wanted to know about suspenders (but were afraid to ask)!

Everything you always wanted to know about suspenders (but were afraid to ask)!

So many questions and no one to ask to... We got you covered! 

Are your suspenders adjustable? 

Yes, you can adjust the suspenders by the metal adjustable piece on the band. The adjustable straps allow the suspenders to fit any height and body type for the perfect customized fit. 

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Comfort is important, are your suspenders comfortable?

Yes, our suspenders are made entirely of silk, including on the elastic backing to ensure comfort. These small details show our commitment to producing the highest quality products. Serà Fine Silk is made in Italy just for you. 



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Help! What if my trousers do not have a button?

Yes, most of our suspenders are double use, which means that you can either use if you have buttons or you can clip them onto your trousers. If you like the look of the buttons, you can ask your tailor to add buttons to the inside of your trousers. Whatever you choose will look exceptional, so it all depends on your personal taste.  

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What width is correct for me?

The width really depends on your taste; of course, it can also depend on your body type. Typically, for the best fit, a thicker diameter can provide more comfort for a larger frame and a thinner width for a smaller frame. 

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Do my suspenders have to match my tie?

These two should contrast in color and print. Go with a solid colored tie and pair it with patterned suspenders. Adding a bold pattern to your look will show off your personal style and personality. 


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Are there any rules for matching suspenders with shoes?

Yes, if your suspenders leather trim is black, make sure your shoes are as well. The same rule applies for brown leather trim. However, for example, I would not recommend matching bolder colors. If wearing suspenders with red leather trim, go with black shoes.


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What is the perfect width for wearing suspenders with business attire?

There is no rule for what width you should wear; it all depends on your personal preference/personality. Depending on how formal your workplace and meetings are you can go with our classic 3.5 cm width band. 

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I’m the groom, how can I look my best?

This depends on how formal your wedding will be and your own personal style.

If you plan to wear a tuxedo, it will look best paired with white or black suspenders but make sure to wear the same color bow tie and cummerbund; this will create a classy and formal look.

We recommend our most popular colored suspenders; navy blue and light blue paired with a white button down shirt and black bow tie. Matching your suspenders with the color of your wedding theme can add a special touch to your look.

Stand out as the man of the hour by choosing patterned suspenders; being mindful that your suspenders and tie should contrast in color and print.


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Do you want something more personal or match the color theme of your wedding? Looking for something for you and your bestman? Drop us an email at info@serafinesilk.com we also do special orders! 


You’re Invited? Now, what do you wear?

First, you want to respect the people hosting; keep in mind what the dress code of the wedding is.

A simple trick to looking your best at weddings is matching your suspenders with the color scheme of the wedding. 

Be bold and add a twist to your attire by choosing patterned suspenders and a colored tie; make sure the pieces contrast in color and print.

Dad’s of the bride wearing prints and bold colors will add a special touch and memorable moment when you take off your blazer for the last dance with your daughter. 


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Can't find what you were looking for? Looking for some special color to match your date? Do have doubts or need advices? Drop us an email at info@serafinesilk.com we also do special orders!