Bow ties are best known for black-tie events, however, they are also appropriate to wear to semi-formal occasions and casual day-to-day wear. Choosing the right fabric texture can be tricky but we're here to break done the differences to help you choose the perfect fit.

At Serà Fine Silk we have a selection of silk pre-tie and self-tie bow ties in various shapes and fabric textures to suit a variety of styles. Our collection includes classic, butterfly, slim, and extra big butterfly models. Additionally, select models come in silk, velvet, moire, satin, and grosgrain.



Bow ties are generally considered more formal than normal ties, and they are the best choice when it comes to Tuxedos or elegant attire.

Discover our selection of bow ties for WEDDING or for BLACK TIE EVENTS, and find the best suspenders, pocket squares or cummerbunds to complete the look.

However, it's not just for formalwear or for dandies! Bow ties are strongly coming back to the menswear scene with a great variety of shapes, colours, and patterns even matched with a more relaxed look, from preppy to casual.

Don't forget to add a touch of sprezzatura to your bow tie outfit! 

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 A few points that might be overlooked, but are key to ensure you pick the best quality bow tie. 

For Serà Bow Ties, we make sure not to forget about these fundamental details:

  • LINING and FABRIC THICKNESS: we make sure to use the right fabric and lining, which is not too thin and not too thick, to give the bow tie its shape, and full look without being too rigid. 
  • SHAPE AND ANGLES: a nice bow tie must be well-defined in the shape, so note especially the angles (that are of course the most difficult part in the manufacturing so are a sing of attention to detail)

Extra tip: all our bow ties are adjustable in size, so you don't have to worry much about finding the perfect fit for your neck. The neck strap have and adjustable slider with an easy-to-use small hook and pre-marked measurements, so you easily change the fitting if needed.



Bow Tie Styles 

1. Butterfly

If you're looking for a classic style, preferred at all black tie events, the butterfly bow tie is the proper choice. The contoured shape reflects the spread wings of a butterfly. And its larger style makes a nice statement with any suit or tuxedo.

2. Classic

The other preferred style to the butterfly, the classic style is just slightly smaller in size and the wings are more squared off. The shape is suitable for most gentlemen depending on head shape and personal preference. 

3. Slim

Perfect for a slimmer-faced gentleman, the slim bow tie provides a clean and symmetrical look that can be worn to formal and casual events. 

4. Extra Big

The Extra Big is a statement, with its slightly bigger size and more pronounced wings make is a bold but classy way to style your tuxedo.


Silk is a luxurious material that can be worn in any season. For events, silk is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, galas, dinners, and formal gatherings. 

Silk Velvet 

Traditionally velvet is styled best during the fall and winter seasons. Additionally, velvet can be worn both in the evening and in daytime. A velvet bow tie should be worn with a jacket and long-sleeve shirt, never short sleeve. In terms of event setting, velvet is excellent for black-tie events. 

Discover our bestsellers:

Silk Moire

Moire fabric is famous for its lustrous wavy or watery appearance. If you're looking for a standout fabric, our silk moire bow tie is the perfect choice. The twisted ribbed fabric delivers a luxurious finish to match the aesthetic of any formal event.

Our bestsellers:


Silk Satin 

Very similar to silk, satin has a very glossy finish giving a nice luster and beautiful drape. It looks very natural and pairs well with tuxedos. Traditionally, most tuxedo jackets have satin lapel facing making our silk satin bow ties the best choice for a cohesive look.

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Silk Grosgrain 

Grosgrain has a heavier weft than warp giving a textured appearance. Bow ties in this fabric pair well with suit jackets which are often made with grosgrain. This type of bow tie is the perfect stable accessory as it will never go out of style. 

Black Grosgrain Self-Tie Silk Bow TieTeal Green Grosgrain Pre-Tied Silk Butterfly Bow Tie



Pre-Tie Bow Ties

Pre-tied bow ties are great as they are effortless but classier than clip-on ties. This model is best worn with suits. Pre-tied models are great to own as a backup when time is sparse. 

Self-Tie Bow Ties

The most professional bow tie model is the self-tie. Tying a bow tie should be done with care and precision to achieve a sharp result. Need a tutorial? Check out our HOW TO TIE YOUR BOW TIE VIDEO



Especially for beginners, finding the “perfect knot” might be difficult: your might be is slightly asymmetrical or leaning more on one side... Don't worry too much, style sometimes is also in the imperfections and in their special virtue, making each style unique... We Italians call it sprezzatura!


Now you know alla the most important points and are ready to rock a bow tie with your next outfit!


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August 02, 2023 — Ava Mikola

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