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Versatile accessories for all luxury-seekers.

It is no secret: women love to look good, feel good, and add unique pieces to their style.

 At Serà Fine Silk, we craft Italian luxury silk accessories for the sophisticated, modern gentleman. However, just because our products are designed for men, doesn’t mean they can’t be worn by women as well. From our quality scarves to our fine selection of pocket squares, each of our silk accessories adds a level of refinement to a woman’s look, just as they do to a man’s.

Wondering how to wear this look? Take some inspiration from our styling suggestions.




Around the Neck

One popular way of incorporating pocket squares into a feminine wardrobe, is to wear them around the neck. Wearing a scarf in this way allows you the opportunity to add a pop of color to an otherwise plain or monochrome outfit.

 To adopt this trend, simply drape a Serà Fine Silk pocket square around your neck and tie. The knot of the tie can be worn in the front, side, or back, depending on your desired look.


Around the Wrist

Pocket squares can alternatively be worn well around a woman’s wrist. Doing this is not only a great way of adding a hidden pop of color to an outfit, but also allows one to draw attention to a great manicure, unique rings, or even the handbag one holds.

To take on this trend, fold, wrap, and tie the pocket square around your wrist where you would generally put wrist accessories.


In the Hair

Another favored way of styling pocket squares for woman, is to tie them in one’s hair. Wearing a pocket square as a hair accessory provides a great alternative to overdone and otherwise boring hair accessories such as elastics and clips.

To wear a Serà Fine Silk scarf as a hair accessory, fold the scarf and tie around your hair where you usually would a hair tie or headband. Or—get creative! Braid a silk scarf into your hair for an intricate looking yet simple-to-replicate look.


Around the Belt Loop

Silk pocket squares can also be worn beautifully tied around a woman’s belt loop. Not only does this style allow one to pass up the overdone belt look, but it also provides a great way to emphasize a slim waste while incorporating a pop of color.

 To style a Serà Fine Silk pocket square as so, get dressed as you usually would without putting on your belt. Simply fold the scarf and tie around a front or side belt loop.




Matters are even more effortless when it comes to introducing men’s scarves into your wardrobe. To best wear a Serà Fine Silk scarf, simply drape the accessory over your winter look and head out the door! Doing so will instantly elevate your cold-weather fashion.



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