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Along the Mediterranean coast of Italy, the fisherman watch with lovely eyes as the waves rock their small wooden boats. Mediterranean Sea stretches in front of them, characterized by the fascinating organism lying right below its azure swells of Sea Foam, and serves as the inspiration for our Mediterranean Sea Collection.

A mediterranean Country

Italy is the only European country which is exclusively Mediterranean. From ancient times the Mediterranean Sea served as a great highway, connecting the lands around its shores. It played an important role in the Roman Empire and in the rise of Italy's maritime cities.

Mediterranean Sea Name origin

To the latin population, the Mediterranean was the center of the Earth as they knew it. The term Mediterranean derives from the Latin mediterraneus. The Romans called it Mare magnum "Great Sea'' as well. However, the Mediterranean Sea has been known by a number of alternative names throughout human history.

The colours of the Sea

Everyone believes that the Mediterranean sea is “blue”, below the surface its colors explode into a thousand different forms of life; The shocking red and pink of Coral contrast with the gentle, undulating movements of Jellyfish as they swim by delicate light green Sea Urchins and intricate Sea Stars.

Mediterranean colors pocket square

Each pocket square of our collection is saturated with the endless movement and energy this Italian marine world brings. Our lavish pocket squares come to you in a luxury hand-made blue box which includes a leaflet with drawings showing six alternative methods to how to fold and wear it.