The bow tie is the perfect accessory for any formal occasion and is a great way to diversify an elegant gentleman’s style. With our wide variety of shapes, colors, and fabrics, our bow tie collection is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Tie the Knot… With a Bow Tie

Whether it’s your big day or you’re there to celebrate, our high end bow ties are the perfect addition to your wedding look. Bow ties are not just reserved for tuxedos, they also pair well with suits and a nice button-up. Tie the knot with either our pre-tied or self-tied models.

Black Tie

Elevate your black tie ensemble with our endless bow tie varieties. Choose the classic option with our black silk bow tie or try the velvet and satin products for added flair. Crafted with elegance, our bow ties are a great addition to your formal wear.

Classic Elegance

A silk bow tie is the kind of accessory that never goes out of style. Beyond formal events, our bow ties can be worn to freshen up your everyday look. Choose this accessory to keep your style classic and timeless.

Different Shapes for Different Styles

Every accessory a gentleman wears is another opportunity to convey their style. Express yourself with our options of classic bow ties, butterfly bow ties, or slim bow ties. They are sure to accommodate all tastes.