Our first products were pocket squares, it’s truly where we began! In 2013, our founder Francesca Serafin decided to combine her love for vintage fabrics and patterns with her eye for quality and well dressed gentlemen to create her first pocket square from vintage silk. (Read more about it HERE)

Why should you wear a pocket square? Simple: they are just squares of fabric but they have the power to tell a story and elevate an outfit.

 ...Come with us on a journey across our printed silk world!



Wear your pocket square like a badge of honor.

The people who wear pocket squares speak the same language of style and class: a sort of secret handshake, shared by the best-dressed men in the world. Our pocket squares are a way to express your love for all things sartorial and identify yourself as a distinguished gentleman. 

serà fine silk- pocket squareserà fine silk - pocket squares gang in pittiserà fine silk - pocket squares event



Wearing a Serà pocket square is like having your own piece of Italy. First of all, all our products designed and produced entirely in Italy, but they are a reflection of our country and culture since the moment they are designed. 

There are aspects in each design that tell a story of our experiences. 


For example: imagine a sunny day strolling down an Italian cobblestone road. The warm summer air is filled with sweet floral aromas that lift your spirit. You can see beautiful hues of purple flowing over walls and in gardens, full of the rich violet color of the Bouganvillea flower, abundant in Sicily.


Serà Fine Silk - Flowers pocket squaresserà fine silk - bouganvillea pocket square

Or, change the scenery: this time you are in Capri, a small island off the southwest coast of Italy. Stunning rock formations divide the land and crystal blue waters of the Tyrrhenian sea. A popular vacation place, Capri is always filled with people and a holiday atmosphere. 

Serà Fine Silk - Italian Islands pocket squares collectionserà fine silk - capri pocket squareserà fine silk - capri pocket square

We capture the colours, the places...and the tastes of Italy as well!

Sure, because during your time in Italy you will surely taste some wine. It is a crucial part of Italian heritage and each region has its own wines they are known for and takes pride in. For example, Chianti from the Tuscany region, or Barolo and Ripasso from Veneto.


serà fine silk - violet chianti                                        

Serà Fine Silk Ripasso wine pocket squares collection Serà Fine Silk - Cherry Amarone Pocket squareSerà Fine Silk Chianti wine pocket squares collectionSerà Fine Silk - Blueberry Primitivo pocket square

We chose 7 different famous wines, and explored their aromas to  to inspire our Italian Wines collection. Each wine has its own pattern and comes in different colors inspired by their specific aromas. 

Yes, with our products you can take a journey through Italy every day!


3) 100% COMO SILK

Our distinguished pocket squares are crafted using Como silk. The Como region is famous for its beautiful lakes and vacationing, but also for producing the highest quality silk in the world. The world’s finest silk has been produced there for hundreds of years and today Como produces more silk than both Japan and China.

 As opposed to cheaper materials like cotton or even polyester commonly used in pocket squares, our silk from Como is softer, holds prints better and lasts longer. 




Rolling the edges is the last step in production and maybe you don't know pocket squares can be finished in 3 different ways: by hand, by machine or a mix of both called "mano-macchina". 

 We believe in the value of handcrafting and in the know-how behind craftsmanship. That's why each square is finished completely by hand when rolling the edges. This gives every square a human touch and makes them slightly different and unique, just like their owners will style them differently.

 Hand rolling is the most luxurious production process used on the finest products in the world, also because it is "slow fashion": this final step alone takes 45 minutes for each square.

Serà Fine Silk - hand rolled edges pocket squaresserà fine silk - vanilla ripasso pocket square



The designs we love are the most intricate and precise. Easier said then done, it is can be quite rare in the industry to find product with a perfect print, every time.

To bring details to life, we use expert printing techniques that allow even the smallest details and colors of the pattern to be seen vividly. Our process results in the print being exactly the same, on both sides of the fabric, because silk should be alive:  touched, worn and folded, but it should always show the brightness of its colours.

serà fine silk - opera pocket squares collectionserà fine silk - opera collection



It's all about the personal touch: every Serà pocket square also comes in a beautiful cardboard product box with a folding guide inside. Our gift to you is some professional styling tips for your new pocket square, with inspiration on some of the most classy and popular ways to fold it! 

In addition, very soon all of our products will be traceable back to the fiber sourcing using Blockchain technology. You will be able to even better understand the luxury through each step in the production process!

serà fine silk - how  to wear a pocket square



Pocket squares are a simple way to spice up and diversify your look. They can tie the whole outfit together with color, or add flare to a simple black or grey suit. Pocket squares will make you noticed, either for subtle elegance or flamboyant colors and folds. Wearing a pocket square can be the bow that you place on top of the nicely wrapped gift that is your look for the day! 

serà fine silk - nur prosecco pocket squareSerà Fine Silk -It's a beautiful day to leave me aloneSerà Fine Silk -Almond soave pocket square

serà fine silk - murano pocket squareserà fine silk - moss amarone pocket squareserà fine silk - magnolia chianti pocket square

Plus, pocket squares are not only for gentlemen!

Just because our products are designed for men, doesn’t mean they can’t be worn by women as well. Take some inspiration from our #alsoforher styling suggestions.
Serà Fine Silk - Pocket squares are also for women!serà fine silk - opera collection also for herserà fine silk - murano pocket square
July 10, 2020 — Elisa Marazzi
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