Matching your tie to your pocket square is a challenging task even for the world’s best-dressed men. With endless colors, textures, and patterns in the market, it can be difficult to even know where to begin!
Your suit, tie, and pocket square combine to tell a story. A tasteful pairing isn’t an exact match in pattern or color, that would be a boring story! Choose combinations that emphasize the hues used in the different components. Understanding how different colors complement each other is the key to creating strong combinations.
One must be willing to experiment, try new things and begin to think outside of the box for truly unique and powerful tie and pocket square combinations.
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We’ve built 4 different color palettes for you, to teach our color theory, inspire and spark ideas.
1) MODERN REDS: A fresh take on the classic red, white and blue. These colors are iconic: bright red pairs well with many different blues and subtle accents of darker red tones. Neutral hues like white and brown bring red and blue together strongly. 
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   Serà Fine Silk - colour matching guide for gentlemenSerà Fine Silk - colour matching guide for gentlemenSerà Fine Silk - colour matching guide for gentlemen
 OUR SELECTION: pair our Red with Light Blue Dots Pattern Silk Tie with Navy Blue Suspenders and add the finishing touch with a Wild Strawberry Barolo pocket square
2) YELLOW HIGHLIGHTS: An underrated pairing for the very common navy blue suit and tie is yellow. The 2 colors mix very well, to give off a classy and clean impression. To complete this look don’t be afraid to wear lighter colors of blue to add depth and more pop. Brown can also be incorporated to highlight the yellow and bring the whole look together.
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serà fine silk - yellow productsserà fine silk - yellow productsserà fine silk - yellow products


OUR SELECTION: make the details of your Navy Blue With Yellow Squares Silk Tie pop with the warm golden tones of the Almond Soave Pocket Square, and finish the look with our Navy Blue With Dots Elastic Suspenders
WANT TO DARE WITH MORE YELLOW? Wear our Yellow with Navy Blue Small Paisley Pattern Silk Tie, it will be perfect with the colour details of  a Blackberry Primitivo pocket square. Need some suspenders? Match it with out classic Burgundy Silk Suspenders


blackberry primitivo silk pocket square - sera fine silkburgundy moire silk suspenders - button only

3) EARLY SPRING: As spring and summer approach, combinations with light colors are becoming more important. Baby blue is a popular favorite of those with bold style. Neutral tones of cream and brown play strongly with the pastel hue and serve as great balance when next to each other. Dark green and deeper tones of blue are great ways to add more color to this palette as well.
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serà fine silk - light blue productsserà fine silk - light blue productsserà fine silk - light blue products
OUR SELECTION: here is how to match the Light Blue with Green Round Pattern Tie: look at the details, and match its complimentaty colour. In his case, we chose some green accessories, like the Moss Amarone pocket square and timeless Green Silk Suspenders. Cold weather? Stay warm and add the Ponente Green Silk & Wool Scarf
DID ANYONE SAY PAISLEY? Our Light Blue with mixed paisley silk tie has some brinw details, and it will look perfect with Brown with Square Dots Jacquard suspenders. The final touch is a Vanilla Barolo pocket square, with its brown and green details
italian silk suspenders - sera fine silkvanilla barolo silk pocket square - sera fine silk
4) SEASON'S CHANGE: This palette captures the energy of changing seasons as summer turns to fall. Placing orange as the focal point makes room for many interesting options and pairings: purple and blue are obvious friends of orange, some uncommon but powerful options are brown and green. Pairing nature-inspired hues together makes for visually captivating and unique looks.
sera fine silk - orange products
serà fine silk - orange productsserà fine silk - orange productsserà fine silk - orange products


    OUR SELECTION: does the Orange with Navy Blue Dots Silk Tie look too bright to you? Tone it down a bit with blue accessories, like our Light Blue With Polka Dots Jacquard Suspenders . But don't forget some orange highlights, and add the finishing touch with a Licorice Barolo Pocket Square!

    Italian silk ties - sera fine silk italian silk suspenders - sera fine silk licorice barolo silk pocket square - sera fine silk



      FOR A CASUAL LOOK: for a lighter look you may prefer an Orange Zig Zag Knitted Silk Tie with an Elder Soave Pocket square. Cold weather? Stay warm with a Ponente Navy Blue Wool & Silk Scarf 

    orange zig zag v point knitted silk tie - sera fine silkelder soave silk pocket square - sera fine silk




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    ...Did you like our colour guide for silk accessories? Stay tuned, more to come!
    March 02, 2020 — Elisa Marazzi
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