Love is in the air, and this is a sign that Valentine's Day is very close. Don’t know what to wear for this special occasion? The Sera’ Fine Silk Team created a stylish wardrobe for every scenario. Whether you have a romantic dinner with your loved one or a jazz concert, we’ve got the best outfits for men on this big day.

Romantic Dinner

sera fine silk - valentine's day

If you’re wondering what to wear to a fancy restaurant to impress your loved one then the best solution would be to stay on the classy side. Your dinner attire will look great if you prefer neutral tones — a well-fitted black, grey or navy blue suit, white or ivory shirt and brown leather oxfords. This is a base for your stunning look. Sounds dull to you? We haven’t finished yet. This Valentine’s Day we suggest you focus on the details. If you want to follow the rules of a formal outfit — choose a silk bright tie or a model with paisley, under your jacket put on suspenders. If you would like a simple but impressive combination — try playing around with bold colored pocket squares. By wearing a bright Sera’ Fine Silk model, for instance red, you can forget about a tie and stay relaxed.

italian silk ties - sera fine silk
italian silk suspenders - sera fine silk

cherry amarone silk pocket square | sera fine silk
blackberry ripasso silk pocket square - sera fine silk



A man at the theatre wearing the wrong clothes will be noticed by everyone in five minutes. For example if you are going to La Scala check out our comprehensive advice which can help you to attract right attention. We know that these days not many theaters ask for a strict dress code like the «Black Tie Events» but this doesn’t mean that you can come in a t-shirt and jeans. For a Valentine’s Day we recommend you to be elegant — wear your classic jacket and a tie with a print. But remember you won’t be the only man in a theatre wearing this kind of outfit. To stand out from the crowd take a look at pocket squares which will highlight your personality. The atmosphere of theaters associates with gold pompous details, so if you would like to impress all people around use a tuxedo, a bow-tie and suspenders. We also advise you to pick out a luxurious neutral tone pocket square. 


black moire silk suspenders button only - sera fine silksilk and velvet bow ties - sera fine silk
silk and velvet bow ties - sera fine silkvanilla chianti silk pocket square - sera fine silk


Memorable Italian Trip 

If you don’t want to organize a cliche date with your other half, we have just the idea for you. Why don’t you spend the 14th of February with your love one in a romantic city, for example in Rome or Verona? If you can’t go somewhere during the week, think that instead of just celebrating Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, why not take a weekend getaway? For this special weekend we have some tips for your outfit. Because it’s still winter you will need the right outfit which will keep you warm and at the same time looking charming. This can be a real challenge. Don’t panic! The main rule to this situation is to make sure that you have a well-fitted warm coat, a great quality scarf and a coarse wool sweater in your wardrobe. Your coat and sweater are the canvas for Sera’ Fine Silk double-sided original scarf. This detail is the statement piece to finishing your distinctive look.


Italian Silk Scarves | Sera Fine SilkItalian Silk Scarves | Sera Fine Silk


Jazz concert

If you feel like spending a high class evening with your loved one listening jazz — we recommend you to go to a good place like Blue Note in Milan. Jazz melodies are the most romantic music which you can find for the Valentine’s day. And when you will book everything it will be the right time to think about your shining outfit. Open your closet and see if you have a black smart jacket (slim-fitted) and a blue or ivory shirt. Maybe try some shirts more spectacular than your ordinary wardrobe. Also to impress your better half use a bow-tie, betting on original details choose a velvet model and play with bright tones. Colors and self-expression are very attractive and can become a Joker in your pocket. Good luck!

oxblood self-tie velvet bow tie - sera fine silk



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