Pocket squares were our first product here at Sera Fine Silk, as they provide a notable way to elevate your outfit. Each of our patterned pocket squares tell a unique story, allowing each look to have a special flair. They are of the highest quality, made in Italy of 100% silk with hand rolled edges.

Inspired By

All of our Italian pocket squares belong to their own unique collection. Ranging in inspiration from famous Italian wines, to beautiful Italian destinations, or our simple Essentials collection, we have a luxury pocket square for every need. Browse our Inspired By section to view each of our distinctive pocket square collections.

Handmade in Italy

Made in the Como region of Italy, our 100% silk pocket squares are high quality and luxurious. Each pocket square is made with hand rolled edges, taking about 45 minutes per square to complete. Our printing process is intricate and precise, resulting in the print being the same on both sides of the silk.

How to fold a pocket square

Pocket squares can be folded in unique ways to show different parts of the vibrant pattern. All pocket squares come with a styling guide inside the box to showcase how to fold a pocket square. No matter how you choose to wear, our Italian pocket squares are sure to add sophistication to your look.

Different ways to wear

Our pocket squares can be worn in a variety of ways. While they can be worn as a traditional pocket square, they can also be used as a neck scarf, around the wrist or ankle, or to hold back longer hair. Using your pocket square in many ways can spice up your look and add a subtle elegance to any outfit.