Our Story


About the founder

Ever since she could remember, Francesca Serafin has been passionate about fabric, and more specifically, silk. One of her most cherished memories is of a family vacation to the Northern Italian island of Pellestrina. She remembers looking out at the reflection of the sunset on the water and thinking that it looked like silk. This inspired her to try and incorporate silk into her life wherever she could.  

Francesca originally decided to pursue a career in law and after graduating from Bocconi Law School in Milan, Italy, she spent several years working as a corporate lawyer in the United States, China and Milan. After getting a master’s in fashion law, she realized that her passion lay more on the fashion side than the legal side. In 2013, she decided to combine her love for vintage fabrics and patterns with her eye for quality and well dressed gentlemen to create her first pocket square from vintage silk, giving it as a gift to her boyfriend. He wore it to work, with the accessory garnering lots of compliments. Inspired, she held a party a few weeks later where she sold all 50 of the pocket squares she had made for the event. This success inspired her to continue making pocket squares, and for the next year and a half, she did it as a passion project on the side.

How Serà fine silk was born

Francesca Serafin decided to fully commit herself to Serà fine silk and turned her hobby into her full-time business. During this transition, she also decided to start designing her own silk patterns, instead of using vintage silk. A name and logo were also born. The name Serà fine silk is a play on words using the founders last name, Serafin. It expresses the fine nature of the brand along with the passion for silk. The logo is based off of an antique mirror that Francesca refurbished to use as a decoration. The shape is reminiscent of royal manors, and the gold color alludes to elegance. The combination of name and logo helped to jumpstart the brand and grow its presence. The company quickly expanded its offerings to include not only pocket squares, but also suspenders, printed and knitted ties, scarves, and bowties.

            Located in Milan, Italy with production occurring in Como, Italy, the company represents Italian culture and craftsmanship in all of its products. Francesca uses the world around her to find inspiration for her designs. She grew up in Verona, Italy, one of the major winemaking regions of Italy. As such, she was inspired to create a collection of pocket squares based on Italian wines. She also enjoys traveling around Italy, which inspired the Italian Islands pocket square collection, based on the most islands in both the north and south of the country. Finally, her Italian flowers pocket square collections was derived from her interest in gardens and spending time outside. All of these products are designed, created and packaged in Italy, by Italians, ensuring only the highest of quality.

From Milan to...

Since showing our collections for the first time at Pitti Uomo in 2018, Serà Fine Silk has traveled globally to bring our luxury Italian silks to new audiences. Beyond our beloved Pitti Uomo in Florence, we’ve attended Salon de la Lingerie in Paris, the Moda/Italia Shoes fair in Tokyo, the Chicago Collective in Chicago, and trunk shows in NYC and more. With all of these travels Serà Fine Silk has been showcasing Italian style to gentlemen across the world.


A Commitment to Quality

 Como, Italy has been producing high quality silk for the last 600 years.This is why we chose to use family-run factories there to print our silk and produce our products. We have hand picked all of our producers to ensure that quality is constant and of the highest level. All of our pocket squares have hand rolled and sewn edges. Our printed and knitted ties have silk stitched onto the backing of them. Our suspenders are made completely of silk, including on the elastic backing. These small details show our commitment to producing the highest quality products. Serà Fine Silk is made in Italy for you.  

    When you receive one of our products, you will immediately understand what Serà fine silk represents. Our products are all packaged in navy blue boxes, containing our gold logo, embossed on the front. Inside the box of most of our products, you will find our guide which illustrates different ways to wear and style your new accessory. Finally, along with every purchase, you will get a menswear themed postcard to show people around the world just how good your eye for style and quality truly is. We make sure to emulate the ‘Made in Italy’ quality and lifestyle regardless of where you live.

Serà fine silk

Expressing the fine nature of the brand along with the passion for silk.