Here at Serà, we want to do our part to contribute to the crisis relief.

Adjusting to this "new normality" will not be easy, and going around with your face covered will be shocking at first (then I hope we will gradually adapt, and then don't need to use them anymore) and we thought that if we are wearing something coloured and in silk it will be a little bit nicer (and stylish of course). So we created this LIMITED EDITION(s) with our archives fabrics: the Serà Silk Face Covers.

We created two models: a three layer silk model with a more limited duration and a silk cover with interchangable filter. We took great care in designing a washable product that can be used repeatedly and will not end up as trash but is still effective. 

Because our factories are closed and we cannot print new silk, we have tapped into our product silk archives and used some of our most popular prints for these new products. You may be able to match with your favorite tie, pocket square, or scarf! 

When life begins to return to normal, it may be required that we keep an eye on safetu, but we can make wearing them less of a drag by being responsible, yet still classy and stylish!

 Read more about them here on our blog post.