Milano, located in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, is a city that houses an abundance of astounding art, culture, history and beauty. A hub for industry - particularly fashion, design, and finance - Milano serves as a global innovator as well. But beyond that, its 70 square miles is full of breathtaking cityscapes and vibrant neighborhoods that ignite a liveliness throughout the city. Inspired by the distinctive features of the metropolis - and wanting to share that with you - we created the Milano Collection.

History of Milano

Milano is a city of resiliency, perseverance, and elegance. Known as Mediolanum during ancient times, control of the area changed between different groups for several centuries up until the acquisition of independence in 1848. Meanwhile, astonishing art and design was being created through each stage of the city’s history. Much of it was destroyed during World War II, but rapid development has been pushed forward by Milano’s plethora of leading designers, artists, and intellectuals who were able to create the wonderful Milano of today.

A Place Like No Other

The charm and effervescence of Milano is found in every pocket of the city and is almost tangible. From the Duomo to the Sforzesco Castle to Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, there is no shortage of historically monumental masterpieces to see. Additionally, the profusion of beautiful nature such as Sempione Park and the Navigli Canal perfectly balance serenity with bustling city life. To capture the feeling of Milano, we incorporated creative design and color to accurately reflect the liveliness of the city.

From Sunrise to Midnight

Each stage of the Milanese day is beautifully unique, producing wonderful auras and gorgeous hues. Inspired by these different tones, we chose colors that reflect these different times to represent Milano’s constantly evolving allure. During a day in the city, one can see the rich golden Sunrise, bright blue Daylight, and the serene pink Sunset. At night, the rich slate tones of Dusk, dark blues of Twilight, and pitch black Midnight come out to play.

Hw to Fold It

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