What happens when the 12 Best Dressed Men gather for a dinner? 

An evening you’ll never forget.

Let's take a look inside this memorable evening...

Dapper style. Beautiful views. Good food- and great people.
All of this brought together in one spectacular night for The Rake and Sartoria Dalcuore’s event, #Theonedayrakishman. The Rake and Sartoria Dalcuore organized this night to close off this celebration of bespoke elegance on a high note.  
The 12 gentlemen each arrived with his own unique, distinctive style- expressed through beautiful Dalcuore suits and eye-catching Será fine silk pocket squares that completed each look with a finely-detailed pop of colour. The impeccable dress of these men spoke to this celebration of, and their extensive contribution to, elegant menswear and bespoke style. 

Earlier that day, the gentlemen had met and gathered for a breakfast to kick off this special day, and were warmly laughing, smiling, and enjoying each other’s company throughout the night. The free-flowing champagne and wine probably didn’t hurt. 
The drinks were accompanied by delicious home-cooked courses prepared by Sophia, the wife of Sartoria Dalcuore's master tailor, GG. 
As they talked and mingled, live instrumental music and views of Florence’s glittering Fiume Arno complimented the high spirits and beautiful atmosphere.
They could even watch the enchanting glow of the Ponte Vecchio from their terrace overlooking Florence’s skyline and The Duomo.
The evening concluded with speeches by our guests and The Rake, Dalcuore, Francesca Serafin of Será fine silk, and Fabio Attanasio of TBD Eyewear. Glasses clinked and the warm banter and conversation continued on late into the night.
We were proud to sponsor The Rake and Dalcuore’s elegant evening alongside TBD Eyewear. We hope you enjoyed a peek inside this intimate and memorable night with these photos, and that they inspire your next elegant evening.
Serà Fine Silk
Photo Credits: Andrea Natali and Jamie Ferguson
July 10, 2018 — Francesca Serafin
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