Pitti Uomo 2024, June 10-14, Florence


We meet again, Pitti Uomo!

Pitti Uomo 106 has come to a close, and it was nothing short of spectacular. This year’s event in Florence brought together the finest in men’s fashion, and Serà Fine Silk was honored to be a part of this celebration. We enjoyed showcasing our new collections with attendees and friends, while witnessing chic innovations in the industry. As usual, Pitti Uomo 2024 was an unforgettable experience for us!


Pitti Lemon

Pitti 106: Theme

The theme of Pitti Uomo 2024 was Pitti Lemon. Lemons symbolize fashion in a variety of ways, begining with their vibrant hue. Known for their versatility, fashion similarly offers a spectrum of styles and expressions for different occasions and moods. Like the refreshment of lemons on a hot summer day, fashion brings a fresh change each season. Sour but sweet, lemons embody the balancing aspects of personal style—edgy yet elegant, casual yet chic. It was enjoyable to witness the fresh fashion displayed at this esteemed event and discover everyone's personal interpretations of the theme.

Freshly Squeezed Collections

New and Familiar Designs

Pocket Squares

This year at Pitti, we unveiled our two newest pocket square collections. Our first collection, consisting of 6 new pocket squares, is the Como Collection. This collection was heavily inspired by the architecture seen in the villas of Lake Como. Consisting of elegant balconies, lovely gardens, and stunning lake views, the patterns and colors of each pocket square feel like a little piece of Lake Como’s beauty. Along with the Como collection, we presented the Mediterranean collection. The Mediterranean, with its rich culture, inspires colors such as bright blues from the sea, warm yellows from the sun, and beautiful patterns from the local tiles and fabrics that show up in all the designs. The relaxed yet stylish vibe of Mediterranean life is captured in these pocket squares, adding the perfect touch of sunny coastal charm to any outfit. 

As seen on: Justus Hansen and Burkhard Dietrich

Peach Prosecco Silk Pocket Square Serà Fine Silk Coffee Barolo Silk Pocket Square Serà Fine Silk

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As we dive into the summer, Pitti Uomo was the perfect time to share our new bathing suit designs! Our newest designs range from classic paisleys to bright ice cream motifs, creating a wide variety of options to choose from. Our main focus while crafting our new swimsuit prints was to make a design for every type of person. Whether you enjoy vibrant-modern patterns or classic neutral tones, we guarantee there is a perfect swimsuit for you!

Explore our website www.serafinesilk.com to find your perfect fit!  

Stromboli Burgundy Swimsuit Serà Fine Silk Filicudi Light Blue Swimsuit Serà Fine Silk
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At Pitti Uomo 106, Serà Fine Silk proudly unveiled its latest collection of ties, inspired by the timeless elegance of Italian architecture. Our new ties feature a blend of classic motifs and contemporary designs, echoing the grandeur of Italian villas and the vibrant colors of Mediterranean landscapes. From sophisticated paisleys to intricate geometric patterns, each tie is crafted to elevate your wardrobe with effortless style and sophistication.

Classic Bow Ties and Formal Wear

Discover redefined elegance with Serà Fine Silk's classic bow ties and formal wear, showcased at Pitti Uomo 106. We've continued to introduce new shapes and styles that marry traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Our bow ties now come in a variety of luxurious fabrics and colors, perfect for adding a touch of refined charm for a wedding, gala event, or other formal occasion. Whether you prefer a sleek satin finish or a textured silk, our collection promises timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship.

Black Silk Suspenders Serà Fine Silk
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Women's Silk Scarves

Embrace elegance with Serà Fine Silk's new collection of women's scarves, unveiled at Pitti Uomo 106. Inspired by the allure of Mediterranean coastlines and the sophistication of Italian fashion, our scarves feature exquisite prints and luxurious fabrics. Made from the finest of silk and adorned with vibrant coastal hues in timeless patterns, each scarf was designed to elevate your style with grace and refinement.


Bandanas/Silk Scarves

Effortless chic takes the attention with Serà Fine Silk's bandanas and silk scarves, showcased at Pitti Uomo 106. Our collection of bananas, made from a blend of cotton and silk, offers a versatile accessory that adds luxury to your everyday wear. Our silk bandanas are perfect for creating a timeless look with some modern edge. Whether worn as a statement piece around the neck, as a stylish hair accessory, or tied to a handbag, our bandanas and silk scarves redefine everyday elegance with a nod to italian craftsmanship.

As seen on: Michael Oei, Damien Broderick and Erik Mannby
Paisley Green and Navy Silk Bandana Serà Fine Silk innamorato red cotton silk bandana
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The Sweet Style of Sera Fine

Fashion Displayed at Pitti 106

The Serà Pitti People, characterized by their impeccable taste and daring fashion choices, were on full display. Attendees effortlessly combined classic tailoring with modern flair, creating a visually stunning combination of bold colors, innovative patterns, and unique accessories. Check out the different styles of #serapittipeople wearing our silk products below:

As seen on: Erik Mannby, Francesca Serafin, Antin Masko, Burkhard Dietrich, Giuseppe La Spina, Giovanni Moro, Shaun Birley, Giorgio Giangiulio, and Carlos Domínguez


We’ll be back, Florence!

Pitti Uomo 106 was an unforgettable experience! We extend our thanks to everyone who visited our booth, engaged with our collection, and shared in the excitement of Serà Fine Silk. See you next year, Firenze!

July 04, 2024 — Brady Sexson

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