Is he a classic man or is he a fancy one? Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner. This year make sure you get the perfect gift by knowing exactly what type of man you’re dealing with. Whether you’re dating a classic man or a man who’s a bit extra, Sera Fine Silk has the right gift for him.

Find out by taking our Valentine’s Day Quiz.

1. Does your boyfriend (A) normally play it safe with a simple yet impressive combination, or is he (B) the bold type?

2. Does he prefer to wear (A) solid colored ties or (B) extravagant patterns?

3. For black tie events: Does he choose to wear (A) a stylish necktie or (B) a dapper bow tie and suspenders?

4. Everyday Look: Does he normally wear (A) essential neutral colors or (B) bright bold colors?

5. What is his ideal V-Day date? (A) a romantic dinner and trip to the opera? Or (B) a surprise weekend getaway?

6. Does your boyfriend (A) love to match his tie with his suit or does he (B) mismatch all the way?    

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If you answered “A” for many of these questions you’re probably dating a very classic yet daunting man. If you answered "B” for most of these questions you probably have a man who is dashing and over the top. How can you make sure you get a gift he’ll remember this Valentine’s Day?

Picking out gifts for men can be complicated which is probably why you buy the same pair of socks and cologne each year. Make this Valentine’s Day special by getting your partner something unique. Here at Sera Fine Silk, we know exactly what will make your significant other’s V-Day special. With our wide range of menswear products, you’re sure to find something that will make a lasting impression. Our products range from quality neckties to luxurious scarves.

Love is in the air, and what better way to express your love for someone than showing an interest in their appearance.

 A famous man in love once said:

“I am who I am because of you”- The Notebook.

Let your man know he’s appreciated by spicing up his tuxedo with a one-of-a-kind patterned tie inspired by rich Italian culture. You could also keep him looking casual yet charming with our silk double-sided original scarves. Our quality scarves layered with a coat and sweater will surely keep him warm while making a unique fashion statement.

Keep in mind the type of man you have on your hands when picking out his gift this year, and it’s guaranteed that he’ll cherish the gift for a very long time.

The perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Him/ A gift he’ll remember/ A gift he’ll hold on to/ A Valentine’s Day gift he’ll cherish

Ideas on what to purchase your classic man,


black self-tie velvet bow tie - sera fine silknavy blue essential silk pocket square - sera fine silkwhite barathea tuxedo silk suspenders - sera fine silk



 If you’re looking for inspiration on what to get your extravagant man,


italian silk ties - sera fine silkoxblood self tie velvet bow tie - sera fine silk
litchi prosecco silk pocket square - sera fine silkblack moire silk suspenders button only - sera fine silk



 ... and even if you don't have a date know that Serà loves you. Treat yourself to something special! 


06 febbraio 2019 — Andrea Severino

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