“Be well dressed, behave like a gentleman, and keep your shoes shined”- Joseph Abboud

 Pitti Uomo is not just a platform for Peacocks who want to be highlighted or captured by famous photographers.
It’s a huge fair for everyone who loves menswear fashion to share their experience and philosophy.
Serafinesilk_mood_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_mood2_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_mood3_pittiuomo95
Serafinesilk_mood4_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_mood5_pittiuomo95
Serafinesilk_guys_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_mood6_pittiuomo95
It also could be one of the biggest trading houses for both brands and buyers.
Everyone joins Pitti Uomo with a different purpose but enjoys themselves on their own during Pitti. It’s true.
Sera Fine Silk had the opportunity to display our 19 F/W collections this year at Pitti.
We had a booth located perfectly in the Padiglione Centrale. Our goal is to give our customers a taste of the Italian experience. 
Serafinesilk_booth2_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_booth3_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_booth4_pittiuomo95  
 Our products range from vibrant pocket squares and neckties to suspenders. Our vast scarf collection is typically inspired by rich Italian wines, Italian islands, and flowers.
This year we were able to showcase our new velvet and cashmere scarf collection.
(Left Picture: @Francyserafin With @Kiernwang & @ivannhong from Sartorial_Beijing) 
Serafinesilk_client3_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_client4_pittiuomo95
(Left Picture: @Francyserafin With @Cento130 & @bashi229 from Centotrenta/ Right Picture: Aldo Invitti from @pratamastrale)
 We had a great time with our clients at Pitti many arrived at the event already wearing Sera Fine Silk scarves.
Others fell in love with our products after one touch.
Serafinesilk_client5_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_client6_pittiuomo95
(Right Picture: @milanstylelive)
 Attendees of Pitti Uomo come from various countries which gave Serà Fine Silk the opportunity to share a bit of our insight with other creatives.
 These daunting men didn’t hesitate to enhance their look with our elegant products
 (@niccolozaffarano wearing our Burgundy Zig Zag V Point Knitted Tie)
(@mathiaslefevre wearing our Navy Blue with Paisley Pattern Wool Tie)
Serafinesilk_alessandro1_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_alessandro2_pittiuomo95
Serafinesilk_Carlos_friends_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_Carlos_friends2_pittiuomo95Serafinesilk_Carlos_friends3_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_Carlos_giorgio_francesca_pittiuomo95
(@carlos_domord, @giorgiogiangiulio and @francyserafin)
 (@carlos_domord wearing our Navy Blue with Gold Paisley Pattern Wool Tie)
  Serafinesilk_mathias3_pittiuomo95   Serafinesilk_mathias4_pittiuomo95
(@mathiaslefevre wearing our Dark Brown Striped Knitted Tie)
 (@mathiaslefevre, @francyserafin and @alistairguy)
  Serafinesilk_alistair_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_alistair2_pittiuomo95
(@alistairguy wearing our Green Ponente Wool Scarf - FW19 collection)
Serafinesilk_dennis1_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_dennis2_pittiuomo95
(@dennisvalle wearing our Oxblood Levante Wool Scarf -FW19 and Magnolia Chianti pocket square)
Serafinesilk_samuel_scarf1_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_samuel_scarf2_pittiuomo95
(@samuelwines wearing our Oxblood Levante Wool Scarf -FW19 & Vanilla Chianti Pocket Square)
Serafinesilk_scarf_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_scarf2_pittiuomo95
 (wearing our Brown Tramontana Wool Scarf - FW19)
Serafinesilk_people_tie_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_fabio_tie_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_people_scarf_pittiuomo95
Serafinesilk_cento130_tie_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_people_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_people2_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_people3_pittiuomo95
Serafinesilk_people4_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_people_milanstylelive_pittiuomo95
Serafinesilk_people5_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_people6_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_people7_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_people_friend_pittiuomo95 Serafinesilk_people_friend2_pittiuomo95
(@maxsys from @huddersfieldtextile_official, @kseinkon from @ianriosofficial and @francyserafin from @serafinesilk)
Serafinesilk_mood7_pittiuomo95  Serafinesilk_mood8_pittiuomo95


Our street style photographer, Andrea Natali, captured some of our best looks in Florence worn by popular influencers and our loyal dapper men.




01 febbraio 2019 — Andrea Severino

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