It's that time of year again, and even if this year's festivities are going to be a little different, here at Serà Fine Silk we believe that dressing well and celebrating with the loved ones is always mandatory.
What kind of winter festive look suits you best?


Are you planning to spend this festivities at home in front of the fire place? So this is for you, otherwise skip to the next Serà mood.
Surround yourself with velvet pillows, wrap up in a cashmere blanket and of course open yourself a very good bottle of Barolo. Yes, some cheese or canapè are welcome.  
How to dress? Well, let's be inspired by Paul Feig, wrap yourself in a luxurious Silk robe, with your favourite shirt and a velvet bow tie.
Complete the look with our brand new Silk and Leather Slippers, for being always classy and cool, even at home.  
Loving this mood? Here are the essentials that you need to make it possible
PS: bottle of Barolo not included...but if you are big fan of it check out our pocket squares collection inspired by this great wine.
Not a green gentleman? Don't worry, other colour options are available!




If for you winter means going on the mountains and spend it in a charming chalet, overlooking the landscape covered by the snow drinking a Negroni...this is for you!
How to dress? The weather is a little chilly but not enough to make you give up on wearing a suit, better yet a tuxedo, of course a velvet one.
Pair it with a velvet bow tie, of the same shades, or even better use a contrasting one to add a touch of personality! 
An evergreen? A red bow tie to wear during the Christmas holidays or a black one for New Year's Eve, of course with the right matching suspenders.
Here some cool options for your look:



Wondering how to make the perfect Negroni?
You can find the ultimate recipe here:




Not everyone is a big a fan of the nature, and the only view that you love to see is the one of the skyscrapers and you love to celebrate in some fancy hotel drinking champagne.
We totally get you.
How to dress? We recently read Justus Hansen saying that the only look he will ever wear for New Year's Eve is the tuxedo, and's a good point!
Complete the look with the right tuxedo setsomething classic like Black satin, or more bold like our Black Velvet set or Black Jacquard set.
Complete the look with a pocket square, we hate to see empty pockets.
Looking for the right set? We got you covered, we have a wide Evening Section. Here a quick selection for you:
Yes, the champagne tower is a must... but please don't forget your mask!


No matter which mood is yours, here for you some Italian New Year’s Traditions for good luck.

You know Italians are a little fool, we love our traditions and we also we believe in good luck! Here are 3 thing you must do to bring some luck to you 2021 (let's keep our fingers crossed!)

1. Wear something Red

Bow tie, pocket squares, ties or mask. 
Choose your favorite! 
 "When Flirting Turns Into Feelings" pocket squareserà fine silk Oxblood Self-Tie Velvet Bow Tie
....more HERE! 

2. Eat lentils

leticchie italian recipe
The tiny legumes can be cooked in many ways, but they are most traditionally eaten with cotechino – a kind of pork sausage.  In Italy there is a belief that eating lentils for New Year's Eve will bring good luck for the following year, because the tiny round legumes resemble coins. Eat a lot of them, because they supposedly bring wealth in the coming year.
Feel in the mood of cooking?
Here's a recipe:  

3. Pop the prosecco  

When the clock strikes midnight, you should have a glass of sparkling wine in hand. Leave the champagne to France and find a bottle of Italian bubbly like Prosecco to ring in the new year. As is the custom in many other places, it is traditional to seal the countdown to midnight with a kiss (or a double cheek kiss for friends) and to wish them all the best for the new year.


Buon anno, see you in 2021!

 New Years Eve 
Ciao, a presto
Serà fine silk
22 dicembre 2020 — Elisa Marazzi

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