Imagine having the best quality accessories but never finding the perfect one to match your outfit…
Okay, maybe your closet is not THAT messy, but I am sure you will love our advice on how to arrange your silk accessories
Are you already thinking it is going to be long and difficult? Not at all, and staying at home is no problem, quite the opposite: you can rearrange your closet with what you already have at home and still showcase your accessories like a real gent!


As I mentioned before, I would like to help you find the most comfortable but at the same time creative way to arrange your pocket squares.
I suggest you keep them as if you had to wear them.
So first of all if you want to go classic I suggest you a linear fold, and you can keep them well ironed and you can’t go wrong.
But of you prefer a jaunty look, you can opt to wear your pocket square with a puffy crease. You may not have to fold them, but that doesn't mean you have to crumple them up!
 Silk pocket squares, made in Italy silk pocket squares, made in italy
The right fold is a matter of style. Bring out your personality, follow our advice and you will always have a pocket square ready, just waiting for the perfect styling! Keep the pocket squares in a way that helps you see all their colours, and the must have accessories you want to combine just on their side: in this was styling them together will be just as easy as opening your drawer.  

silk pocket squares, made in italy


To not throw anything away, we could use what we have at home, such as a wooden wine box. Separating the box into compartments, we can divide our pocket squares according to fantasy. For example, the more classic and the more whimsical ones.
In addition, if you are one of our fans you can divide them according to the collections, those inspired by ITALIAN CITIES, to the ITALIAN ISLANDS or to the prestigious WINES


Serà accessories always come in a luxurious navy blue box; for example, maybe you never noticed that the SUSPENDERS box is perfect for storing folded pocket squares!
 serà fine silk, made in italy

Now it is you turn, go create you personal set up to match your style and habits and don’t forget to show us by tagging @serafinesilk on Instagram or using #serafinesilk !




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20 gennaio 2021 — Elisa Marazzi

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