If you received the invitation with a tag «black tie dress code», this article is for you. What kind of tuxedo is preferred, what shirt to choose, how to tie your bow-tie and everything else you could ever need for black tie are here. Please don’t be afraid — just be careful during creation of an appropriate look.
 Let's start from the top down to evenly distribute the forces and the nerves.


 1: Shoes
Shoes: only Oxford, and lacquered or at least glossy leather. No monks, brags and other permissitudes.


2: Socks
Socks should be black, long (up to the middle of the calves) and preferably silk.


 3: Trousers
Do not forget the silk stripes on your trousers.


 4: Cummerbund
Leave behind the belt for trousers — instead take a silk cummerbund (a wide belt for tuxedos). We suggest you to choose a 4 pleat sash which you can easily find in our web-store.



 5: Suspenders
If you do not like a sash, put on a waistcoat, under which there will be silk suspenders. We have already said — forget about the belt, you can use it for different events. The right model you can order directly from our website.
Remember that even in strict dress code rules you have a space for some experiments: you can choose not only black braces but also navy blue, white or even black and white.
 6: Shirt
The shirt must be on the cuff links and with the front shirt.
In extreme cases, you can choose a classic white shirt, but also on cuff links (although the evening shirt with shirt-front is more in line with the black tie dress code rules).
Shirt collar: wingtip (stand with pointed and bent corners) or wide turndown. Both types are equally suitable for the black tie format event.


 7: Bow Tie
Only a bow-tie. Only a silk bow-tie. If you are a fan of fashion experiments, use a velvet bow-tie, but try to be sure that it does not look very extravagant. Try to check out our collection and pick out the most suitable model for you personality.


Louis Nicolas Darbon wearing our velvet navy blue bow-tie


 8: Lapels
Lapels of a classic jacket should be made of silk. You can choose two types — peak or shawl. But please forget about a notch lapel. Remember that the facing material on the lapels should match the braiding on the trousers and ideally the button fabric.


 9: Jacket
If you are a self-confident dapper we recommend you to make a splash and choose the velvet jacket. It will turn off your look to a vintage style. But in this case don’t use velvet trousers — it is too much.
Ideally, the jacket should have a closed back with no vents at all. But you can choose not to follow this rule — we allow it to you.

 The jacket can be either single-breasted or double-breasted — depending on what is best for your figure. As for the buttons, the rules work the same as for classic jackets: only the upper button is fastened. Be prepared to have it done-up during all event. Because sitting down you must unbutton your jacket. And don’t forget to fasten it again when you stand up.


 10: Pocket Square
Conservative fashion experts suggest to use a white silk pocket square. But we stick to idea of personal identity and vote for more sophisticated models as a linen white pocket square with colorful edges. To see some interesting examples find out our web-store.


11: Watch
Watches should be only with a black leather strap, with a dark or white dial. They should also be good combined with cufflinks. 


12: Cufflinks
Materials for cufflinks — white or yellow gold. Especially brave men can try models with gems, but they should not be colored. 


13: Grooming
A cleanly shaven face is always a more reliable bet than bristles. But while looking at Jared Leto, we already began to doubt.




02 febbraio 2018 — Alexandra Nechaeva

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