Pitti Uomo 105, Florence, 9-12 January 2024  | Chicago Collective, Chicago, 3-6 February 2024 

What a great start to the new year! Sera Fine Silk showcased its newest collections at both Pitti Uomo 105 and Chicago Collective, two iconic menswear shows that we had the pleasure to attend once again. Sera Fine Silk values these opportunities to connect with new and existing contacts all while participating in such significant events within the realm of men’s fashion. 





We were very excited to debut our newest collection in pocket squares, titled “Franciacorta”, inspired and named after the elegant Italian sparkling wine known for its fine bubbles and crisp, refreshing taste. Hand-harvested and bottle-aged in the Lombardy region, Franciacorta exhibits flavors of citrus, herbs, and delicate fruity notes. In our collection, the 6 unique prints each represent a flavor present in the wine. 

We once again displayed our newest pocket square collection, “Franciacorta”, at Chicago Collective. What a great opportunity to show our new collection to a new market!




The tie remains a quintessential staple in men’s fashion, reinventing itself each season to seamlessly complement various looks. Our newest collection introduced a plethora of new designs, infused with fresh prints and an array of choices catering to every man’s style preferences for any occasion or outfit. 

Of course, we could not leave behind our new tie prints. We presented this new collection at Chicago Collective as well, allowing attendees to experience the unmistakable softness of 100% silk.




The winter season would not be complete without a new silk and cashmere scarves collection. Our scarves that feature one side of 100% silk and one of 100% cashmere offer a luxurious blend of softness and warmth, making them ideal accessories for both formal and casual occasions. These scarves boast a delicate texture and elegant drape, and feature our newest signature patterns, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. 

Our new collection of silk and cashmere scarves embodies luxury and sophistication, blending the finest materials for an exquisite feel. Each scarf boasts intricate designs and rich colors, adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Crafted with attention to detail, these scarves offer both warmth and style for the discerning wearer.

These scarves were displayed at both Pitti Uomo and Chicago Collective as well. 





Sera Fine Silk advocates for personalized luxury, recognizing that customization is paramount. Hence, we provide an extensive selection of fabrics, such as silk satins or velvets, empowering clients to tailor the finer details of their accessories and even create coordinated sets. This is especially true of our bow ties, cummerbunds, and suspenders, which we proudly displayed in an abundance of colors and patterns, and were loved by viewers at Pitti Uomo and Chicago Collective. 

Bow ties, cummerbunds and suspenders are essential elements of elegance and refinement, making them indispensable features at our booth. As always, we brought our bestsellers that are sure to impress.




For the first time ever, Sera Fine Silk collaborated with Unimatic to create silk watch bands, featuring the patterns of our newest scarf collection in stunning new colorways to display at Chicago Collective. These watch bands offer a luxurious and sophisticated accessory option for timepieces, adding a touch of elegance to the wrist. The softness and lustrous appearance of these silk watch bands provide both comfort and style, perfect for those seeking a refined and timeless look. 




We took showcasing our products to the next level! Due to the nature of the Chicago Collective, we were able to add in a personalized touch to spruce up our booth. Our booth floor contained large stickers of an element of one of our new scarf prints, which drew in visitors and left a lasting impression.


Overall, Pitti Uomo and Chicago Collective were both wonderful opportunities to not only display our new collection, but to be surrounded by inspiration to create our next collections. We would like to thank everyone who makes Pitti Uomo and Chicago Collective possible, we can’t wait to go back to both of these amazing events!



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