Fun fact: Our pajamas are not just worn at home or for sleeping! 

Breaking news: Serà launched a collection of silk and cotton pajamas and they could renew your wardrobe or add an extra touch of style. Colorful and unisex, they are the perfect garment for both men and women and can be worn inside and outside the bed.



There are several reasons why choosing the right sleepwear can make all the difference. The first step toward choosing the ideal one is selecting the most suitable Serà pajama fabric.

For the warmer seasons ahead, our advice is definitely to opt for cotton pajamas. In fact, this fabric is perfect for the warmer months, summer and spring, because it allows proper breathability under the covers, does not irritate the skin and conveys a soft and pleasant feeling of well-being. On the other hand, it does not have great insulating capabilities, so it is not suitable for cold seasons.

Depending on how much you suffer from heat, you can choose from our elegant pajamas with long or short pants and sleeves.

If having long pajamas is not enough for you knowing that you are particularly chilly, don't worry. At Serà Fine Silk, we have thought of everything, even designing perfect robes to match your pajamas.

If you want a regenerative beauty dream, we recommend our pajamas made of the finest Como silk and colorful pattern

Soft and smooth to the touch, our silk items can wrap you in multiple seasons a year, for many years.

In fact, our silk pajamas are suitable for all seasons; they convey a feeling of warmth in the cold months and coolness in the summer months. If you always want to be stylish and comfortable even when you go to sleep, you cannot resist buying these beautiful iconic models!



And yes, you really can wear pajamas all day!


Pajamas, especially silk ones, are a growing trend in the recent period. Famous and not-so-famous personalities have accustomed us to seeing it worn on a wide variety of occasions: for traveling, going out to dinner, shopping. Stars like Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ryan Gosling have inspired us and led us to reconsider the use of this garment. Thanks to the article published in vanity fair ( we can confirm that silk pajamas seem to be the perfect garment for any occasion! The reason lies in the origin of the material, which ensures comfort and glamour to a product designed as luxury nightwear.


Fortunately for you, at Serà Fine Silk you can find pajamas suitable for many different occasions and with colorful and unique patterns.



1. Welcoming your guests has never been cooler

The elegance of our silk pajamas, makes them adaptable for multiple events.

Have a dinner party at home? Well, you can sip a Negroni with your guests while wearing a fabulous paisley pajama. This will enable you to define your style while maintaining a high level of comfort. In addition, you can also match the pajamas with fantastic Serà slippers.

Our luxurious men's slippers are the perfect piece to complete the look of any gentleman who wants to stay at home without sacrificing a touch of style and elegance.

All models have our signature patterned silk, and the smooth kid-goat leather linings and suede soles feel comfortable with or without socks. If you also match them with a pair of our socks, you can choose from silk, cotton and wool models. 


2. Music Festival Look

If you're going to a music festival at Summerfest or elsewhere, you'll look great in our multicolored paisley patterned cotton pajamas, which you can pair with a Serà fine silk bandana and soak in the notes all around. Match it with your favorite sneakers and you are ready to dance! 

For these occasions, another popular option is to choose monochrome pajamas. This type of outfit has the merit of elongating the figure and making us feel elegant and stylish. Moreover, if you choose a single color, it is easier to match a variety of accessories that will make you unique and memorable in the concert crowd.

For example, Green Silk Pajamas is perfect to match with a bandana like ''It's a Fine Day to Leave Me Alone'' or even ''Romantic Revolution''.

Having fun with your partner? you might even consider adopting a matchy-matchy look and wear the same gorgeous pajamas to stand out in the crowd. The perfect #couplegoals look


3. Beach Day

Day at the beach? Why don't you wear your pajamas while going out to enjoy the sun?!

We suggest you opt for our brightly colored short pajamas that will enhance your tan and keep you from suffering too much from the heat on scorching summer days. 

Ready for a splash? Wear your favorite Serà Fine Silk swimsuit as shorts and pair it with one of our pajama shirts as a coverup.


Whether they are cotton or silk, our pajama shirts guarantee a great and most importantly, comfortable look.

On the other hand, if you go to the beach in the evening, you can wear a cotton pant from our pajama collection and pair it with a linen shirt.



If you want to be an flawless groom, we can assure you that choosing the perfect suit is not enough. The nightwear is also important! 

For your wedding night, we recommend that you opt for pajamas made of the finest Como silk, with great aesthetics and quality.

Perhaps if you don't want to settle for classic pajamas and would like something original and, at the same time, sensual to wear after the wedding party, our Serà robes are for you!



For women, however, we recommend wearing one of our fantastic silk pajamas that will bring an elegant and sophisticated look to the wedding night.

If, for example, the choice is the Brown and Pink Floral Floral Silk Satin Pajama, it might be great to think about tying the hair with one of our fantastic scrunchies.

If you prefer to choose a pattern that refers to a romantic, sensual and always fashionable style, we suggest pajamas in nature-inspired patterns. Flowers, palm trees, funny birds and super colorful patterns that, intertwining, become patterns on cotton and silk Serà pajamas.


In case rather than sleeping, you think about going out for an aperitif with friends, we suggest trying our robe with a waist belt, a pair of high heels and a pretty bandana. If, for example, you choose to wear the Multicolor Paisley cotton robe, the Innamorato bandana will be perfect to give a lively touch to your outfit.


26 maggio 2023 — Elisa Marazzi

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