The 12 Best Dressed Men gathered for breakfast in the beautiful Serre Torrigiani gardens in Florence. 


 The morning kicked off with warm embraces and conversation


On June 13, while Serà fine silk was presenting at Pitti Uomo 94 in the Fortezza da Basso, the 12 Best Dressed Men gathered for #theonedayrakishman in celebration of The Rake's 10th anniversary and the rise of elegant menswear.


The Rake and Sartoria Dalcuore worked together to create this special event that Serà fine silk was proud to be a sponsor of with TBD Eyewear.


The men kicked off their day in dapper style with a breakfast in the stunning gardens of Serre Torrigiani. Each gentleman sported a unique Serà pocket square and Dalcuore suit to fit his own distinct, personal look.


 The 12 Best Dressed Men chat over breakfast



The sunshine was perfectly suited for this warm-spirited event, and helped bring the 12 men closer together in easy conversation and laughter. This was just the first part of The Rake and Dalcuore’s two-part celebration consisting of this breakfast and a dinner, which you can read about here.


These 12 men were selected for their impact and contribution to the world of elegant menswear. The passion each and every one of them has for this industry could be very clearly seen and felt during throughout the celebration- from the way they dressed to the way they carried themselves with grace and elegance.


The next time you want to be one of the best dressed men for the day, turn to these Rakish Men and style a unique pocket square to complete your personal look. 


The One Day Rakish Man The Rake Dalcuore Sera fine silk TBD Eyewear Vanilla Chianti Pocket Square

Kelly See in our Vanilla Chianti Pocket Square


 Damiano Annunziato in our Moss Amarone Pocket Square


Robin Chan in our Murano Pocket Square


Karl-Edwin Guerre in our Magnolia Chianti Pocket Square



Kevin Soo in our Positano Pocket Square


Wei Koh in our Wild Strawberry Chianti Pocket Square


Fabio Attanasio in our Licorice Chianti Pocket Square


Get a look inside this elegant morning...





Take a cue from these dapper men, and be the Best Dressed man at your next event!


Serà Fine Silk

Photo Credits: Andrea Natali

10 luglio 2018 — Francesca Serafin
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