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This is a difficult moment for Italy and for the world, but we know that we'll get past it if we stand together,  and join our efforts in this situation of emergency. 
For this reason, for the whole month of March we decided to donate the 30% of the revenues from our website  to  the Italian healthcare system, through Ospedale San Raffaele di Milano. 



At Serà Fine Silk we care about our customers and about our staff’s health and we will take all the necessary precautions according to the latest containment measures released by the Italian Government.

But even in this tough moment, we want to ensure you the best service.
Our online shop remains active and running, althogh there will be some delays in the shipping, as it may take a little longer 
to access the shipping warehouse and postage service according to the current healthcare regulations. 

Rest assured that we are doing our best to make you receive your new Serà Fine Silk product as soon as possibile.
We appreciate your patience during this period and for this reason we will upgrade your orders with free Express Delivery.

Your order will be shipped within 4/5 days, and  we will send you an email with the tracking number of your shipping, to update you on the status of your order.

 If you have any questions, write to our customer service at info@serafinesilk.com


We hope this difficult moment will end soon, but we know that our beloved Italy will get back on its feet stronger and more beautiful than before.
In the meantime, we will keep working with the same passion as always!

At Serà Fine Silk we want to keep spreading positivity, good mood is always a great remedy!


Check out our stories on Instagram: we will keep suggesting you nice activities to do at home in this period, good books to read...or you can write us a DM and suggest us more! 



We want to know how you are spending this strange time at home: what are your new hobbies? Which outfits are you wearing?
Play and have fun with us, with our Instagram stories templates!
Serà Fine Silk - Stay at home Bingo
We want to make the best of free time, staying at home can be a great time to leanr new skills!
For example, we know that earning how to tie a bow tie can be a difficult process, but with our helpful video you'll be tying perfect hourglass bow ties in no time!
serà fine silk - youtube - How to tie a bow tie
Join our colour therapy and enjoy some time at home!
We mixed our patterns with 3 phrases to cheer us up, no complicated ruels: just some stress relieving colouring! 
Download and save them, then print and colour them or do it on your device.
Be creative with us and share your masterpiece on Instagram and tag @serafinesilk or use the hashatg #serafinesilk and wel'll send you a special PROMO CODE