This year, Easter is not as we dreamed. I know we are in lockdown in our houses and most of us cannot celebrate with family or enjoy beautiful weather. But, I believe better times are coming, and we have to try to be positive!
So, here some ideas of what you can do for Easter even in lockdown:  

1. Make a nice Easter inspired table setting (with things that you have at home)

I've always been very passionate about table decoration and was thinking about what I could do this year because all of the shops are closed. I wanted to create a cute table setting idea for Easter using what I already had in my house. 
I thought about what every gentleman might own at home that can be used and landed with a pocket square and some eggs in the fridge. 

Serà Fine Silk - EASTER TABLE - Licorice Barolo


Found them? Perfect, now let's create some #serafinesilk Easter Bunnies as placeholders for the table. Since it's a holiday, I will excuse you if the pocket square is not one of ours!
Or you can use one of these!

It's very easy, you need one pocket square and an egg for everyone present at the table. Fold your pocket square and then wrap it around the egg to create bunny ears. Using string or a rubber band tie ears into place and ta-daaa: it's ready. See the picture below for reference.  [You can even boil the egg before and wait for it to become cold so you can eat it.]


serà fine silk - easter tableserà fine silk - easter tableserà fine silk - easter table


You can also use some simple food ingredients that you have to make a more colorful and charming table. Yellow lemons, red tomatoes, blueberries, green basil, the list goes on.... Have fun with it and get creative! Anything you have in your fridge can work. Just begin to take things out and before you know it, you will have a beautiful Italian Easter Table.
Here some examples of what I created, hope you like them!


serà fine silk - easter table
serà fine silk - easter table pocket squares 

2. Call your family and friends with video chat

Sure, it will not be a typical holiday, but it can still be filled with fun and love. Sharing a cheers ("salute" in Italian) through the computer screen is a great way to connect. After all, drinking wine is much more fun when with company.  I promise you can have some super fun talks on video chat too... and yes, the wine will help!
ps. You can also show-off for the amazing table you created!

3. Suit up

Even in Quarantine lockdown and nowhere to go, you get to choose how you show up for your day! So Wake Up, Dress Up, and Show up... is Easter!
Remove your pijama and dress well, at least today. 
Embrace some Easter vibes adding some yellow and blue to your look... a yellow pocket square is mandatory!
Here some #styleinspo for you:
Yellow and light blue inspired look:

Orange and Blue:


Yellow and green:

Add some color to your look it will add some good vibes to your mood! <3

4. Play our Easter Bingo

On Easter, it is nice to play games, so I've made a Bingo that you can screenshot and play. Then you can share it on your Instagram story to invite your friends to play as well! Another great way to connect with people in this time of isolation.

serà fine silk easter bingo


I hope this can make your day a little brighter, I am wishing you and your family health, love and safety in these trying times. Have a great Easter!


10 aprile 2020 — Elisa Marazzi

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