As the end of the year approaches and the festivities come back stronger than ever, we would like to propose, without further ado, the best ways to have an amazing time while wearing our products.
green paisley silk and leather slippers - sera fine silk 

Relax with our Pajamas

Tired of wandering around? Try to enjoy your holidays by relaxing on the sofa with a glass of fine wine or, only for the foodies, a tasty hot chocolate and our silky pajamas (newly presented and highly requested!), a cozy and warm nightgown and our stylish slippers in silk and leather , presented in a variety of colourful patterns on our site
Blue and white geometric pattern Silk Pajama - sera fine silk  Wine table event - sera fine silk

Underwear Styles

If you’d like to turn your outfit around, you could also add our underwear – which one would suit you better? The silk or cotton one?
silk and cotton underwear - sera fine silk  silk and cotton underwear - sera fine silk

Celebrate Matching Serà Fine Silk Accessories

Instead, if your plans involve making a toast to the New Year with an excellent sparkling wine and celebrating ‘till morning and you’d like to dare, we suggest to elevate your suit by pairing it with a velvet bow tie and matching suspenders. We suggest the same tone if you’d prefer to stay classy or a complementary colour if you’d really want to spice up the night.

Amazing Pocket Squares for Amazing Times

If you feel like your outfit is missing something, you should check out our pocket square selection because you could find the right one to fill your pockets with.
Blackberry ripasso silk pocket square - sera fine silk Event evening sparklers - sera fine silk

Have you visited our store?

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16 dicembre 2021 — Jorge Andres Truffa Giachet

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